A relationship based collection of places that honor history, locale, and artisanship.

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Pensión, a three room guest house, is an intimate accommodation for one or two persons, individually furnished with objects and artworks made by Savvy Studio and the artists who have called the guest house a home. Situated above the quiet charm of the Casa Bosques bookstore and the soothing hum of the chocolate atelier, each room embraces unique architectural features of the former single-family home, like a Juliet window overlooking the quiet, tropical street below, views into the sunlight-filled courtyard, and an en-suite garden patio. Guests at Pensión will discover distinct interiors sweetening their retreat, such as expansive artist-designed wallpaper contemplating a serene museum, a freestanding porcelain bath, platform double beds, and interiors designed with handcrafted natural materials.

Nestled in the quiet neighborhood of Roma Norte at the heart of México City, known for its galleries, restaurants, boutiques, and the creative individuals that inhabit them, it is a much-needed refuge from the frenzy of daily life. The front door, tucked behind tropical plants and trees, leads to a guest’s first impressions: a luminous space filled with books, and a warm face to welcome you. With the Casa Bosques bookstore and the Savvy design studio on the first floor, the Casa Bosques atelier in the courtyard, and the Pensión, the small, boutique guesthouse, upstairs, Casa Bosques Pension represents a new idea of boutique travel, where you are always welcome home.


The Casa Bosques Bookshop, founded in 2012 by Rafael Prieto and Jorge de la Garza, is dedicated to novelties in the expanding field of art. An abundance of international catalogs and literature reveal the diversity of 20th and 21st century artistic production. A strong editorial line presents publications on photography, architecture, design, decoration, ceramics, the culinary arts, as well as monographs devoted to artistic oeuvres. 


Part workshop, part experimental test kitchen, the Casa Bosques atelier is an exciting space where artisans work busily, using tools and ingredients of the highest quality. Driven by creativity, they combine their talents with the rarest of techniques to exalt gastronomic dreams.

Casa Bosques is a project by Rafael Prieto, founder, and creative director of Savvy Studio, a branding and architecture design firm based in New York and México City. Savvy Studio's in-house artisanal chocolate brand, is based on the exploration of the history, methods, origins, and culture of chocolate, designed  every season by a collection of creative collaborations. Sourced from small ranches throughout México, and primarily from a single smallholder ranch in the southern region of Pichucalco, Chiapas, Mexico, Casa Bosques’s rare and pure white “Criollo” cacao beans are single origin, organic, and fair trade; allowing close involvement every step of the way. From tree to bar in México, Casa Bosques crafts chocolate with the same care as the farmers tending the fLora and harvesting each heirloom bean.


The guesthouse is also home to a growing collection of designed objects by friends throughout the international artistic community alongside specially commissioned artworks by contemporary artists including Loup Sarion, X and Y, that respond to this unique site. Spreading across the walls of each room, are unique photographic wallpapers documenting calming moments of introversion like the expansive interiors of an exhibition or a rocky shore with cascading waves in Stromboli, Italy. 


Artists at Casa Bosques Pensión is the continuation of the aesthetic philosophy behind Casa Bosques and a continued engagement with skilled artisans. With the atelier and design studio below, and the guesthouse above,  it was only natural that it should be furnished with some of the beautiful things inspiring each of these pursuits. These designed objects, artworks, textiles, ceramics and other items continue to be added, thoughtfully and carefully accumulating into an evolving collection of references and inspirations. 


In 2023, Casa Bosques continues its involvement with contemporary art by inviting a series of artists to be guests of Pensión. Working together with American curator Lola Kramer, Casa Bosques invites leading international artists to create works for the guest house in the same way Casa Bosques approaches artists to collaborate on chocolates: by inviting them to add their unique perspective, to see, and absorb the spirit of the project, and by trusting their inspiration while respecting the extraordinary aesthetic tabula rasa that Casa Bosques has become, by talking, sharing and generating ideas. Artists to date include Loup Sarion, Charlotte vander Borght, and Megumi Arai. With each new work, the traces of the artist's presence are visible, slowly, and intentionally building cataloging of the creative minds that pass through. 


Rafael Prieto for Office Magazine